Vocational Training

Vocational Training for individuals with ASD and other intellectual disability. The aim of this training is to provide employment for individuals with ASD. For that purpose we provide computer training program through internship. It is a 3 year program which is intending to provide employment in different sector like, open, supported and sheltered employment.

Early Evaluation and Interventions

We provide early evaluation and interventions. We conduct assessment for children related different disabilities. We provide diagnostic assessments, educational assessment for ASD and learning disability, IQ assessments etc. This helps in planning appropriate remedial training and for children with ASD and other intellectual disability.

Educational Remedial Classes and Technology Based Interventions

We give educational remedial classes and Technology based interventions. Remedial programs help the children to come up in their educational aspects. We provide remedial classes for ASD and children with intellectual disability. For the younger children we provide technology based intervention as pre-learning skills. We give intervention using iPad and other tablets.

Parental Counseling Session and Awareness Workshops

We are conducting parental counseling session and awareness workshops for parents and professionals. We give continuous counseling session for parents related to the issues associated with the children and provide regular update about the progress of children. We conduct regular workshop related to awareness aspects of ASD and about new realm in the interventional aspects.

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