Give Confidence to Autism Childs

Give Confidence to Them

Autism will not go away but everyone can learn and progress
Give Freedom Autism Childs

Give Them Freedom

Autism will not go away but everyone can learn and progress
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Teaching in Their Pace

Autism will not go away but everyone can learn and progress
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Don't Feel Them Alone

Autism will not go away but everyone can learn and progress

Why Join Abhyan?

Expert Autism Assessment

Expert Assessment

Assessments are the first step to identifying what services would help the individual seeking our services best. At Abhyan, we conduct different types of assessments based on the requirement of the family of the individual with autism. We can start your assessment within 2 weeks of you contacting us. Following your assessment a report will be produced which will contain a detailed analysis of our finding.

Autism Inclusive Activities

Inclusive Activities

Our Inclusive activities will help your children to improve by themselves. Our teachers can also increase the level of support that the student with autism receives during a lesson, such as peer or paraprofessional support during math instruction. Another useful modification is varying the response modes for the student. For example, a student who struggles with writing may be allowed to type responses or verbally answer questions.

Self Reliance Development for Acoustic Childs

Self Reliance

We should begin to foster the development of self-reliance in your child, rather than parental-reliance. For kids with acquiring skills related to self-reliance is especially important. This is because their ability to express themselves clearly or interact with others may look different than what other kids typically do. Some grown-ups may mistakenly provide more support for a youngster on the autism spectrum than she actually needs.

Welcome to Abhyan

Abhyan autism school Bangalore

Abhyan school for special child in Bangalore for Differently abled is aimed at equipping the individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in an inclusive society through employment in open, supported and sheltered employment. Our school for spacial child in Bangalore has helped many autistic children to live a better life by improving their self dependance skills. Abhyan special schools in bangalore have true motivation to give a better life to every child suffering from any kind of metal disorder. Our special education courses in Bangalore covers all required areas to boost the metal ability of child and make way for confident and successful future. For that purpose we are training individuals with ASD in computer training as a vocational training. This will fetch occupation in any sector of society.

We provide early evaluation and interventions so we can understand the special case for our every student. We give educational remedial classes and Technology based interventions. This process has got us good success and we are continuously enhancing our special education courses.

We are conducting parental counseling session and awareness workshops for parents and professionals. Abhyan special needs school in Bangalore has good name among parents of students, as they have recorded significant growth with our special education courses in Bangalore.

About Autism

About Autism

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are lifelong developmental disabilities characterized by marked difficulties in social interaction and social communication, and restricted and repetitive interests and behaviours. The word ‘spectrum’ is used because the range and severity of the difficulties people with an ASD experience can vary widely. Currently all children on the ASD spectrum are diagnosed with ASD. Previously, a number of different terms were used including autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.